Asthma (11-9-1993)

My son was 12 years old, but he suffered asthma for 9 years. A weather change, an oversweet or over-salty diet, or unhappiness could “grab his breath” and made him sick. We usually sent him to emergency room. Our lives were not peaceful because of this disease. Western medicines could not help him, so I brought him to visit Dr. Fu. He was very talkative and professional when he asked for medical history. In the first acupuncture, my son said he could not feel the needles when Dr. Fu stuck them into his skin. At once, my son breathed better. After having therapies 5 times and eating Chinese medicine, my son’s symptoms of asthma reduced. We kept visiting Dr. Fu and had other 15 times of therapies, and my son was almost cured. After four month, my son did not have asthma anymore. In these three years, he is still very healthy. Amazing! Dr. Fu amazed us with his professional medical skills! Our whole family loves him so much!
Mrs. Xie

Dr. XING FU, PH.D., L.Ac.
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