Fatty liver (8-6-2006)

Three years ago, I felt bloated on my midsection just like everything I ate was staying there. Later on, I gained more weight. My family doctor told me that I had a moderate fatty liver. I was so nervous. My friend told me to visit Dr. Fu. He checked and provided me a month of Chinese herbs. I was so surprised when I had my meals. The uncomfortable feeling was gone, and I lost weight! I kept having the Chinese medicine for 4 months. When I did the body check, my doctor was surprised about the disappearance of my fatty liver. 2 years has passed, I have body check every year, but my liver is not fatty anymore. Dr. Fu is such a professional doctor!
Mr. Jian

hyperlipidemia and high-cholesterol(6-10-2008)

Two years ago, I felt dizzy sometimes. After a blood check, I had hyperlipidemia and high-cholesterol. I took western medicine, but side effects were very serious. My friend recommended Dr. Fu. After he checked my tongue and pulse, he gave me individualized Chinese medicine capsules. I had it for 2 months, and I did the blood check again. This time, my lipid and cholesterol were back to normal. I did not feel dizzy again. This year, I did the blood check again, and everything is just like last year – NORMAL. Thank you, Dr. Fu!

Dr. XING FU, PH.D., L.Ac.
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