Prostate Hypertrophy & Impotence (12-25-2007)

I would like to take this time to thank Dr. Fu and share with other patients my experience of acupuncture treatment. I was suffering prostate hypertrophy for twelve years. At the very beginning, I had difficulty to urinate. In the past five years, I needed to use my hands to pressure the underbelly to access urinate but it was very slowly. In the last two years, the symptom became more serious; I had to use both hands to continually give pressure to the underbelly to complete urination. I felt so scared and painful; however, my problems were never solved no matter how often I went to see the doctors. I was so fortunate to be referred by my friend to Dr. Xing Fu. I went to Dr. Xing Fu’s Acupuncture Center on August 1st, 2007. After Dr. Fu’s patient, responsible diagnosis and treatment, my situation was getting better. After three times acupuncture, I could urinate naturally, and after the sixth times of acupuncture treatment, I didn’t have to press my underbelly to urinate any more. I had been treated for three months, I could urinate regularly and the symptom of prostate hypertrophy was completely gone. At the same time, my impotence problem was also treated and I finally have active sexual life. My wife and I want to thank you for your excellent treatment. We greatly appreciate the compassion that you have shown in your work. I wish you and your clinic the best of luck.
Marciano Meneses

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