Case 29: Menopausal syndrome (6-18-2010)

I was told that I got Menopausal Syndrome in last June. I had visited approximately six doctors no including some Chinese doctors or western doctors. I received their treatments, but the result was not obvious. l felt anxious and upset easily and it caused my heartbeats go faster. Therefore I was usually sent to emergency room. My husband brought me to Dr. Fu’s clinic. He was a responsible and professional doctor. He recommended me to have twenty acupuncture therapies. After the first therapy, I felt the peace and the positive energy of my body. I felt much happier, and I had better sleep afterward. I could breathe in a much peaceful and manner after my tenth time clinic visit with Dr. Fu. My body was greatly balanced after the last time of my acupuncture visit. I am now health and normal!

Dr. XING FU, PH.D., L.Ac.
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