Case 30: Azoospermia (2-5-2003)

I had Azoosepermia which means I did not have sperms, and I could not have my own child which I really wanted. Although I was 63 years old, I still had normal sexual activities with my wife who was 33 years old, and she was healthy enough to have a baby. In order to have my own child, I visited fifteen doctors and had taken a great amount of medicines. However, the result was very disappointed. When I wanted to give up, my American friend introduced Du. Fu to me. For his great reputation and successful cases, we flew from Taipei to San Francisco. Dr. Fu decided to use acupuncture therapy and Chinese medicines after checking my body. The happiest and most excited news I had ever heard was that he promised to help me to have a baby within one and a half year. We decided to settle down at San Francisco and to have treatments. After eight months, my wife was pregnant! Our lovely son was born, and I finally had my own child! Dr. Fu is great and responsible doctor!
General Liu

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