Case33: Pelvic Inflame (2-23-2011)
Since 2002, my chronic Pelvic Inflame annoyed me a lot, and it negatively affected my life. Once I felt tired or did any heavy work, I felt pain on my hypogastrium along with low-level fever; therefore, I was almost exhausted. Gynecologists always gave me anti-inflammatory drugs which was somewhat helpless. In 2005, my disease was still there and became more serious. I was very careful and tried not to do any heavy work, but the pain was not gone but more resistant. When I suffer in this disease, my friend recommended Dr. Fu. I walked into his office and wanted to give it a shot. After checking my tongue and pulse, Dr. Fu confidently told me, “We can do this!” At that time, I didn’t completely believe in him. However, there was a magical change after having his personalized Chinese medicine capsules – my pain was greatly relieved, and my fever was gone. Of course, I was happier. I went to his office again. After fifteen months, I did not feel any pain. However, I was afraid it would come back, so I continued taking the medicine for three more months. After two years, I don’t have Pelvic inflame anymore. Dr. Fu is the most helpful doctor!

Case 34: Endometriosis (5-10-2010)
After the marriage in 2005, I was very healthy. However, in 2007, I started felt pain on my low back if my period came; Sometimes, I felt sick and threw up when the situation was serious. In 2008, the situation got worse. The pain was sharper and more serious. I could not help to roll on my bed in order to relieve some pain. Also, my period unusually lasted for ten days. My family doctor told me that endometriosis was the source of all my pain. I had taken western medicine, but I was force to stop because it badly hurt my liver. My friend said Dr. Fu was very good, so I went to his office. He asked for my medical history and checked both my tongue and pulse. I needed to have acupuncture therapy and Chinese medicine. After the first month, I could obviously feel that the pain was not that hard when my period came. I kept accepting the treatment for three months, and the pain was almost gone. My disease was healed in only four months! What a magical result! There is not any pain, and my period is back to normal. Within this two year, I am still very healthy. Thank you, Dr. Fu!

Case 35: Habitual abortion (12-8-2005)
I got married five years ago, and I was pregnant twice. However, I was not ready for it, so I had abortions. Three years ago, I was ready for a new baby, but I found that there was blood on my dress when I walked on the street with my two-month-old baby. I rushed to have a body check in a hospital. A gynecologist said it was a self-abortion, and the baby was not alive anymore. Two years ago, I got pregnant twice, but both babies left me within two months. I was sad and hopeless. Can my baby stay? Can I become a true mother? My friend introduced Dr. Fu to me. After his diagnosis, I got acupuncture therapy eight times and had two-month Chinese medicine to heal my inner body, especially my womb. I felt more energetic after the treatment. I finally got pregnant again! This time, I asked Dr. Fu to help me. After taking Chinese medicine for two more months, my baby is “settle down”! At the end, my baby was born. She is very healthy. I really thank Dr. Fu for the pleasance he gave me to be a mother!

Case 36: Erectile dysfunction and nocturnal emission (8-11-2007)
These years, I was very busy. In order to design a new computer software, I calculated a lot in my brain and thought over and over; as a result, I usually had insomnia. Two years ago, I suddenly found that my sexual ability was weakened. My wife and I both suffer. Sometimes, I had nocturnal emission which was not really normal. I also felt tired when I was working. I visited many doctors, but they could not help me at all. Finally, Dr. Fu gave me a hope. After the first diagnosis, he told me, “There is still hope. Don’t be so frustrated! A positive attitude can really help to cure the disease!” In the first ten days, I took medicine and had acupuncture therapy five times, and I could feel the change in my body. Also, I slept way much better at night. I totally had twenty-five therapies and two-month Chinese medicine. After that, I was healed! My wife and I really enjoyed our sex now. We feel thankful for the help of Dr. Fu!

Case 37: Allergy(6-20-2000)
I had allergy for ten years. At first, I had runny nose and sneezed only when I smell smoke and the smell of frying. I would feel better after an half of hour. It happened couple times a year. However, in the recent years, my allergy got worse. Whenever there was a weather change or whenever I was nervous or had insomnia, I could not help to sneezed and had runny nose, and my tears also came out. I felt the headache, dizziness, and tiredness after that. It was a horrible life! Western medicines could not heal me completely, so my friend introduced Dr. Fu. After having six acupuncture therapies, my allergic symptoms were relieved a lot. After another eight therapies, I was all cured. However, I still had Chinese medicine for two more months. After three years, I don’t have allergy anymore, and my smell gets better. Chinese medicine and acupuncture therapy are really effective and amazing! Dr. Fu is such a great doctor!

Case 38: Stress (8-1-2011)
Three years ago, I was so busy that I sometimes worked until midnight. After a year, I noticed that my breath was not smooth, and I felt dizzy. When I was at work, I could not control my temper and my thought. I visited a western doctor, and he said I had too much stress. Medicine could not help too much. I was scared! I went to Dr. Fu’s office. He used a tiny silver needle to stimulate my points. After ten minutes, my mind became clear, and my breath was smooth again. I did not feel dizzy anymore. After I went back home, I could control my temper. I kept having therapies six times. All symptom of having too much stress were gone. I was so happy. I have no choice because I love my job, and it is not an easy job. Fortunately, when I feel pressing, I can visit Dr. Fu and let him to help me to relieve my stress.

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