Story 15 Diabetes (08-27-2007)
I was given medications for diabetes for three years by western doctors due to fatigue and the three times of abnormal result of the test of blood sugar which remained 260-280. However, the medicine did not work obviously on me. Recommended by a friend, I went to see Dr. Fu. He gave me a careful examination. After receiving the treatment of acupuncture and herbal medicine for twice, my blood sugar became normal. In order to control my blood sugar, I have been continuously taking the medicine he has been prescribing for me. For two years, my blood sugar has been staying normal and I have been enjoying good health. In addition, I have been very cheerful. I am really grateful to Dr. Fu for his marvelous medical treatment. Sincerely

Story 16 Lung cancer (09-12-2000)
In May of 1992, my lungs developed mid-term cancer. At that time, I had chemotherapy for third months, the side effects are particularly big, white blood cells, and platelets were lower than normal. No treatment can cure my cancer at that time. After a friend introduced me to Doctor Fu, he used traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture improving my blood cell. After two weeks, my blood cell improved fast. Under the treatment of Doctor Fu, I completed the whole process of chemotherapy. Also, the vomit and loss of appetite occurs while the period of chemotherapy was reduced a lot. Between the years 1992 to 1997, I accept the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of Fu, the annual checkup for my cancer was normal. After 12 years, my health is always good. My whole family is very thankful to Dr. Fu.
Peter lam

Case 17: Alopecia (5-10-2012)
I am so glad to meet Dr. Fu in my life. In the past, I had alopecia, and I constantly lost my hair for 5 months. I tried both traditional Chinese and western medicines as well as had acupuncture therapy 15 times, but my problem was not solved. I still lost my hair every day. I was depressed and disappointed at that time. Via one of my friends, I visited Dr. Fu and got an external liquid medicine based on his unique and secret prescription for alopecia. I used it twice a day. Two weeks later, I was so excited because there was new hair coming out. After continuously using the external medicine for two months, my problem was solved. Now, my hair is still natural and flourishing although I have stopped using the medicine for 3 years.

Case18:Tinea unguium / Onychomycosis (2-12-2011)
I had onychomycosis on my right big toe before. There was only a small area at first, but the affection was very fast. When I noticed it, the affected area increased to be the half of my toe. I worried that all of my toes would be affected, and I felt anxious. My friend knew my situation and introduced Dr. Fu to me. I went there and accepted therapy. After a careful checking of my toes, Dr. Fu gave me a special Chinese medicine only for treating onychomycosis. I ate 8 tablets per day with water. After a month, I found out that my toe got better, and one fourth of it became normal. With just a 3-month treatment, my toe became normal again. I was so happy.

Case 19:Acne (8-15-2008)
I had acne all around my face, and this situation lasted for 10 years. I tried many western medicine including taking pills or using external use creams. However, there were no obvious results. Truly, the spread of acne was controlled at first, but the medicines became useless after a couple weeks. I also tried traditional Chinese medicine, but the result was the same. When I was very disappointed and almost gave up, my husband met Dr. Fu and brought to visit his office. Dr Fu is a very professional and responsible doctor. After a careful consideration, he decided to let me take special capsules containing Chinese medicine. After a 3-month treatment, I surprisedly found out that my acne was all gone, and my skin became very smooth and flawless. My skin is still great even though I stop taking the medicine. Dr. Fu is a genius! He saves my life and my face. I really want to say thank you to him.

Case20:Eczema (5-8-2009)
I had eczema three years ago. I was always uncomfortable before my eczema was cured. Also, my face was so itchy that my work and emotion were greatly affected. Western medicine could do nothing to eczema. Fortunately, my friend introduced me to Dr. Fu. He gave me some Chinese capsules after checking my face. I had it for a month, and I was so happy to see the results. My eczema was 30% reduced, and my skin became more flawless and shinier. I kept taking the capsules for two more months, and my eczema was completely cured. My skin was smooth and shiny. Now, I do not have eczema anymore even thought I stop taking capsules two years ago. I just want to say thank you to Dr. Fu because he is too professional and helpful.

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