1. Pain problems: All kinds of pain can be cured by acupuncture. The result varies greatly due to the duration and the cause of the pain. 

• Neck, shoulder, lower back, elbow, wrist, knees, and foot pain: Generally pain relieved and will last for several days after the first treatment of acupuncture herb depending on the condition, it is necessary to repeat treatments for long – term relief. 
• Sciatica: From mild to serious varies the severity of the pain. When having acupuncture, even the severe pain may reduce or stopped right away but the effect may not last longer. So, sometimes herbs intake are necessary to enhance the result.
• Arthritis: Is chronic condition of the degeneration joint cartilage and wither. The pain can be stopped or greatly reduced and slow down degeneration process after one treatment. The joint swelling and the redness can be reduced at the same time. 
• Migraine: 95% of the cases may be cured after 8 office visits of acupuncture.
• Spasm of abdominal pain, stomach, bowel, the muscle can generally be treated by acupuncture, and it is the easy and quick way to stop pain and can be permanently cured without any side effects if the condition causing the pain has been corrected.

2. Chronic injuries: 90% of cases obtain very good result to the treatment. Generally, after the first time of treatment, pain relief immediately. This kind of injury is due to accumulation of repeated mictoinjuries. (Strain or sprain of muscles or tendons). The pain comes and goes in a long period of time form months to years. Acupuncture and herbs can initiate the healing process by improving Qi and blood circulation, increasing DNA polymerase to promote the healing process and the S.O.D level. This enzyme can reduce the supper oxidation, which is considered to be responsible for tissue damage, aging, arteriosclerosis, cataract, and so on. In addition, acupuncture and herbs can enhance the pain threshold and relax the muscle spasm.

3. allergies: sneezing, blocking nose, runny nose, coughing and so on can be treated by the combination of herbs and acupuncture can reduce the symptoms inter - seasons.

4. Chronic fatigue, depression: usually, the symptoms can be relief immediately after a session of treatment; few treatments are needed in order to stable the effect. Taking herbs can enhance the result when combined with acupuncture.

5.  Pressures and melancholia: acupuncture and the Chinese herbs may reduce pressure. Generally, after the first acupuncture, the patient can feel the relief and relaxing, heaviness of the head.  After continues several of acupuncture treatments, symptoms of melancholy are basically vanishes.

6. Impotence: 80% of the cases obtain good responds to the acupuncture and herbs intake and more than 50% effective rate. It is different with other treatments; it can improve general health without any side effect.

7. Infertility: acupuncture and herbs may adjust the female’s hormone and promote egg development and release. Therefore, both are effective for female’s infertility even for those who have no egg release. These treatments can also improve sperm development and increase the number of normal sperm and decrease the percentage of the dead ones. Thus, it is also good for male infertility.

8. High blood cholesterol and triglyceride: Chinese herb intake can lower down both high blood cholesterol and triglyceride without any side effects. 

9. Stop smoking or abstinence: Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can balance the Yin and Yang of the body which can reduce the withdrawal syndrome. More importantly, acupuncture can increase the level of morphine like peptides which is very effective to stop the withdrawal syndromes.

10. Heartburn: the symptoms are unspecific but ban be related with too much acid in stomach or gastritis or gastroduadenal ulcer. Taking Chinese herbs and combined with acupuncture can relieved the symptoms and ulcer quickly. 

11. Cancer pain relief: acupuncture can help reduce the chemotherapy side effect to the patients like blood platelet, lower white blood cell, dizziness, poor appetite, weakness, and enhance immunity system and physique.

12. Paralysis: The acupuncture herbs can help to recover the paralysis caused by stroke polio, or spinal cord injuries.

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