Stress (8-1-2011)

Three years ago, I was so busy that I sometimes worked until midnight. After a year, I noticed that my breath was not smooth, and I felt dizzy. When I was at work, I could not control my temper and my thought. I visited a western doctor, and he said I had too much stress. Medicine could not help too much. I was scared! I went to Dr. Fu’s office. He used a tiny silver needle to stimulate my points. After ten minutes, my mind became clear, and my breath was smooth again. I did not feel dizzy anymore. After I went back home, I could control my temper. I kept having therapies six times. All symptom of having too much stress were gone. I was so happy. I have no choice because I love my job, and it is not an easy job. Fortunately, when I feel pressing, I can visit Dr. Fu and let him to help me to relieve my stress.

Dr. XING FU, PH.D., L.Ac.
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