Erectile dysfunction and nocturnal emission (8-11-2007)

These years, I was very busy. In order to design a new computer software, I calculated a lot in my brain and thought over and over; as a result, I usually had insomnia. Two years ago, I suddenly found that my sexual ability was weakened. My wife and I both suffer. Sometimes, I had nocturnal emission which was not really normal. I also felt tired when I was working. I visited many doctors, but they could not help me at all. Finally, Dr. Fu gave me a hope. After the first diagnosis, he told me, “There is still hope. Don’t be so frustrated! A positive attitude can really help to cure the disease!” In the first ten days, I took medicine and had acupuncture therapy five times, and I could feel the change in my body. Also, I slept way much better at night. I totally had twenty-five therapies and two-month Chinese medicine. After that, I was healed! My wife and I really enjoyed our sex now. We feel thankful for the help of Dr. Fu!

Dr. XING FU, PH.D., L.Ac.
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