Perimenopausal Period

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (02-08-2006)

I was diagnosed “Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome: in 2002. I was taking for a long period of treatment by medical doctor, but there wasn’t much improvement. I suffered “PCOS”, and it brought much difficulty to my life. Fortunately, I was referred to you by Robert Crown on 5/5/04. You combined your acupuncture, special Qi-Gong and Chinese herbal medicine treatment. After continuously taking your herbal medicine for 14 months, I went back for blood test on 8/8/05. To my surprise, my doctor told me that my blood test is normal, and my body is recovered. Right now, my period cycle is normal. I don’t experience pain anymore. I feel my body is getting stronger. I am really appreciated your special treatment and attentive care that help me through difficult time. My life is back to normal. Many thanks to everything you have done for me.
Sincerely, Denielle Danzauso

Dr. XING FU, PH.D., L.Ac.
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