Pelvic Inflame

Pelvic Inflame (2-23-2011)

Since 2002, my chronic Pelvic Inflame annoyed me a lot, and it negatively affected my life. Once I felt tired or did any heavy work, I felt pain on my hypogastrium along with low-level fever; therefore, I was almost exhausted. Gynecologists always gave me anti-inflammatory drugs which was somewhat helpless. In 2005, my disease was still there and became more serious. I was very careful and tried not to do any heavy work, but the pain was not gone but more resistant. When I suffer in this disease, my friend recommended Dr. Fu. I walked into his office and wanted to give it a shot. After checking my tongue and pulse, Dr. Fu confidently told me, “We can do this!” At that time, I didn’t completely believe in him. However, there was a magical change after having his personalized Chinese medicine capsules – my pain was greatly relieved, and my fever was gone. Of course, I was happier. I went to his office again. After fifteen months, I did not feel any pain. However, I was afraid it would come back, so I continued taking the medicine for three more months. After two years, I don’t have Pelvic inflame anymore. Dr. Fu is the most helpful doctor!

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