Chronic Pains

Neck, shoulder, and wrist pain (08-16-2000)

I am engineering. Three years ago, I was working on the computer for 12 hours without stopping. The following day, my neck pain started. A month later, my neck pain affect my right shoulder pain and right wrist pain. I was sent to the physical therapy for many times, at the end of that, I had minimal relief. Neck pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain affected my work and live. I had the good fortune to find Dr. Fu through the yellow page. After the first time of acupuncture, I had more relief than ever before in all the prior therapies combined. After 9 acupuncture therapies, my neck pain, right shoulder pain and my right wrist pain vanished. Thank you so much for your outstanding health care professional.

Chronic finger arthritis (8-16-2005)

I am from HongKong. The fingers on my right hand were diagnosed as having chronic finger arthritis 12 years ago. I could bend nor hold anything, and I usually felt pain from my fingers. I normally relied on my left hand, so it was not convenience, and I felt anxious and uncomfortable. Fortunately, my daughter who were working in San Francisco found Dr. Fu. After the acupuncture therapies and Chinese medicines, I was able to use my right hand. Since I had to go back to HongKong due to family issues, I stopped the acupuncture therapies, but Dr. Fu gave me a two-month Chinese medicines. I am at HongKong now, and my right hand is cured. Dr. Fu gave my right hand a new life. I really want to say thank you to him.

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