Prominent intervertebral disc, lumbago, and leg pain (03-26-1999)

I am writing this letter to thank you for helping and healing me for my slipped disc. I had injured my back in November last year and was unable to move without excruciating pain, pain like I have never experienced before. I truly believe that your non-invasive treatments helped me heal quicker and without side effects of medication. I recall, vividly, calling orthopedic doctor and he advised me to take ibuprofen and stay in bed. I was paralyzed with intense pain to the point that I could not get out of bed for over two hours. You came to our home to help me that day and within two weeks of daily treatments; I was able to walk, slowly. I was able to return to work within three weeks on a part time basis and able to resume my regular schedule after 6 weeks. I was able to resume regular activities within three months and as I write this letter today, one could not tell I had a slipped disk. My family and I think you very much for your help.
Wayland L. Lew

Sequela of fracture

Five months ago, my right little finger was broken by the bite of a dog. Although the bone was set and finally healed, the shape of my little finger was weird, and I could not move it. That was so annoying. Three month ago, I found Dr. Fu and had acupuncture therapy five times. After that, I could clearly feel the movement of my little finger. I totally had 12 therapies before healing my little finger. Now, I can move it as much as I want.

Dr. XING FU, PH.D., L.Ac.
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