Case 32: Urticaria/Hives (6-15-2008)

I had a five-year medical history of Urticaria. Whenever there was a weather or emotional change, I had different shapes of red area on my skin. It was extremely itchy and unbearable. I really wanted to solve this problem. I had visited eight Chinese and western doctors and tried various medicines. Although the expansion of red area was reduced a little bit, and it was not that itchy, all of these still could help me relieve a lot. Finally, I found Dr. Fu. He checked my tongue and pulse with all his patience and care, and he decided to give me acupuncture therapies and Chinese medicine capsules. After I had the therapy approximately fifteen times and took capsules for three months, my urticarial was healed. In the past three years, I become much healthier and happier.

Dr. XING FU, PH.D., L.Ac.
State Licensed Acupuncturist Over 40 Years Experience Acupuncutre Special Herbs
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