Case 39:Headache(3-8-2009)
I was weak since I was very young. Three years ago, I got headache when I did too much housework or when I was in a bad mood. Since last January, my headache got more serious. Sometimes, I felt very sick and threw up, and I could not even open my eyes. Analgesic could just help me relieve a little pain. I also visited some Chinese and Western doctors, but none of them solved my problem. One time, my neighbor talked about Dr. Fu. I heard of his reputation and went to his office. His acupuncture therapy really worked! When he put the needle into the point on my head and feet, I felt less pain, and there was energy flowing from my head to the feet and making a perfect circulation. After the therapy, my headache was healed! However, in order to get rid of it forever, I had extra 12 therapies. In these two years, my headache never comes back again in my life. Thank you, Dr. Fu!

Case 40: Migraine-head problem (5-19-1999)
Mrs. Huang had been suffered from serious headache for 4 years. Due to the chronic pain, her left eyelid dropped, and left mouth was askew. She experienced severe pain for several times every day, along with tearing. She came from Malaysia to America and visited Dr. Fu. After receiving 13 times of acupuncture and herb treatments from Dr. Fu, she completely recovered.
Mrs. Huang

Case 41: Depression (8-9-2008)
I suffered headache three years ago, but I became very depressive later on. I usually felt scared and oversensitive. Sometimes, I was impatient and mad, but sometimes, I felt sad and wanted to cry. The sedative I got from hospital was helpless. My husband brought me to Dr. Fu’s clinic. After a careful checking, I had an acupuncture therapy. I was not that sensitive and emotional when I had my third therapy. I continued having 12 times of therapies, and I noticed that my temper was better. I am not depressive now. I finally have a peaceful life.

Case 42: Dizziness (9-11-2003)
I was very healthy until 2 years ago. I suddenly had tinnitus and felt dizzy. I thought that was normal and forgot about it. One day, I felt dizzy again, and the houses were rotating and twisted. I was so scared. I hurried to emergency room and got the diagnosis of dizziness due to tinnitus. I saw many doctors, but they could not help me at all. Finally, I found Dr. Fu. He cured me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After the first five therapies, I felt less tinnitus and dizziness. I kept having Chinese herbs. Two months later, I was totally recovered. All symptoms and signs are not appear in these two years.

Case 43: Insomnia (8-26-2005)
Three years ago, I was very busy at work. All computer data were flowing in my brain. Things I thought in the daytime would reappear in my dream, so I could not sleep very well. The situation got worse. These two years, I had insomnia. Sometimes, I slept only 2 to 3 hours, and the lack of sleep seriously affected my concentration and ability to work and memorize stuff. I felt really tired. I could not accept sleeping pills due to serious side effects, so I visited Dr. Fu. After 12 times of acupuncture, I slept about 7 hours. With a good sleep at night, I could work much better in the daytime. Due to a great need of mental activity for my job, I was so afraid to have insomnia again. Therefore, I requested Dr. Fu to give me individualized Chinese medicine capsules. Sometimes, I can take two of them and sleep for 8 hours. These capsules can helps me sleep well without any side effects. I work better and better now. Thank you, Dr. Fu!

Case 44: Asthma (11-9-1993)
My son was 12 years old, but he suffered asthma for 9 years. A weather change, an oversweet or over-salty diet, or unhappiness could “grab his breath” and made him sick. We usually sent him to emergency room. Our lives were not peaceful because of this disease. Western medicines could not help him, so I brought him to visit Dr. Fu. He was very talkative and professional when he asked for medical history. In the first acupuncture, my son said he could not feel the needles when Dr. Fu stuck them into his skin. At once, my son breathed better. After having therapies 5 times and eating Chinese medicine, my son’s symptoms of asthma reduced. We kept visiting Dr. Fu and had other 15 times of therapies, and my son was almost cured. After four month, my son did not have asthma anymore. In these three years, he is still very healthy. Amazing! Dr. Fu amazed us with his professional medical skills! Our whole family loves him so much!
Mrs. Xie

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