Case 27: Dysmenorrhea (8/28/2008)
When I was young, I had serious symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Before my period, I always felt very uncomfortable. During my period, I had serious and unbearable pain on my low back, and I usually rolled on my bed to relieve some pain. I felt better only after taking some pain pills. Before meeting with Dr. Fu, I had met many Chinese Medicine doctors, and none of them could help me with my dysmenorrhea problem. Only Dr. Fu could solve my problem. He carefully asked me for my medical history on my first visit at his clinic. He treated me with acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbal medicine in my four month of visits. I did not feel any pain during my period afterwards. My biggest problem in my life has been solved. I really need to thank you, Dr. Fu!

Case 28: Chronic fatigue syndrome
After the birth of my child, I felt fatigue every day, especially in the morning. I was scared, so I made an appointment with my family doctor for a professional body check. Finally, I was diagnosed as a patient of chronic fatigue syndrome. My doctor told me that he nor other western doctor could help me, so I started feeling anxious. I am only 35 years old. What should I do with this horrible disease? I was so thankful that I met Dr. Fu. He cured me with acupuncture therapy. After the first five treatment, I could immediately feel the difference. I had more energy when I woke up and walk. After 12 therapies, I was finally healed.

Case 29: Menopausal syndrome (6-18-2010)
I was told that I got Menopausal Syndrome in last June. I had visited approximately six doctors no including some Chinese doctors or western doctors. I received their treatments, but the result was not obvious. l felt anxious and upset easily and it caused my heartbeats go faster. Therefore I was usually sent to emergency room. My husband brought me to Dr. Fu’s clinic. He was a responsible and professional doctor. He recommended me to have twenty acupuncture therapies. After the first therapy, I felt the peace and the positive energy of my body. I felt much happier, and I had better sleep afterward. I could breathe in a much peaceful and manner after my tenth time clinic visit with Dr. Fu. My body was greatly balanced after the last time of my acupuncture visit. I am now health and normal!

Case 30: Azoospermia (2-5-2003)
I had Azoosepermia which means I did not have sperms, and I could not have my own child which I really wanted. Although I was 63 years old, I still had normal sexual activities with my wife who was 33 years old, and she was healthy enough to have a baby. In order to have my own child, I visited fifteen doctors and had taken a great amount of medicines. However, the result was very disappointed. When I wanted to give up, my American friend introduced Du. Fu to me. For his great reputation and successful cases, we flew from Taipei to San Francisco. Dr. Fu decided to use acupuncture therapy and Chinese medicines after checking my body. The happiest and most excited news I had ever heard was that he promised to help me to have a baby within one and a half year. We decided to settle down at San Francisco and to have treatments. After eight months, my wife was pregnant! Our lovely son was born, and I finally had my own child! Dr. Fu is great and responsible doctor!
General Liu

Case 31: Vitiligo (8-6-2007)
One year ago, the white spots on the corner of my mouth corner were diagnosed as vitiligo. I took some western medicine, but they didn’t work, and the spote seemed to slowly expand. I felt uncomfortable and even stressful when I looked at my face in the mirror. My brother knew my situation and introduced Dr. Fu to me. After his careful diagnosis, I started taking his special Chinese Medicine Capsules. I took them for two months, and I could see that the white spots stopped expanding but started shrinking. I felt more confident in the result of Dr. Fu’s capsules. After 6 months, 80% of my vitiligo was healed, and I looked more energetic and beautiful. I am getting married in other city, but before that, I want to say thank you to Dr. Fu and his excellent medical skills!

Case 32: Urticaria/Hives (6-15-2008)
I had a five-year medical history of Urticaria. Whenever there was a weather or emotional change, I had different shapes of red area on my skin. It was extremely itchy and unbearable. I really wanted to solve this problem. I had visited eight Chinese and western doctors and tried various medicines. Although the expansion of red area was reduced a little bit, and it was not that itchy, all of these still could help me relieve a lot. Finally, I found Dr. Fu. He checked my tongue and pulse with all his patience and care, and he decided to give me acupuncture therapies and Chinese medicine capsules. After I had the therapy approximately fifteen times and took capsules for three months, my urticarial was healed. In the past three years, I become much healthier and happier.

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