Case 21:Lumbar disc protrusion and sciatica (1-15-2009)
I had chronic lumbar pain and lumbar disc protrusion for 10 years. On the day before yesterday, I accidentally fell from my bed to the floor when I was sleeping. When I tried to get up from the floor, I could not move, and I felt sharp and unbearable pain from my low back. Meanwhile, my right thigh became a little bit numb. Yesterday, I could not walk. When I felt depressed and hopeless, my colleague told me to visit Dr. Fu at San Francisco. I went to Dr. Fu’s office, and he asked me for my medical history and checked my low back with patience and care. Later on, he used professional technique to accurately reposition my twisted lumbar and cured sciatica with acupuncture therapy. After the first acupuncture therapy, my lumbar pain was relieved a lot. I had totally 32 therapies in order to erase the pain. After the treatment, my lumbar disc protrusion was healed, and I can walk and work without pain. My low back is still great after two years, and there is no relapse.

Case 22: Chronic finger arthritis (8-16-2005)
I am from HongKong. The fingers on my right hand were diagnosed as having chronic finger arthritis 12 years ago. I could bend nor hold anything, and I usually felt pain from my fingers. I normally relied on my left hand, so it was not convenience, and I felt anxious and uncomfortable. Fortunately, my daughter who were working in San Francisco found Dr. Fu. After the acupuncture therapies and Chinese medicines, I was able to use my right hand. Since I had to go back to HongKong due to family issues, I stopped the acupuncture therapies, but Dr. Fu gave me a two-month Chinese medicines. I am at HongKong now, and my right hand is cured. Dr. Fu gave my right hand a new life. I really want to say thank you to him.

Case 23: Shoulder arthritis
Two years ago, the pain on my left shoulder got worse. I could move my left shoulder nor lift my left hand up. My family doctor said it was shoulder arthritis, and an operation was needed to solve my problem. I was afraid of having an operation, but western medicines did not work at all. Finally, my friend Lily got me to Dr. Fu’s office. After two professional acupuncture therapies, I could move my shoulder and lift my hand up a little bit! I totally had 12 therapies, and my shoulder was completely healed. The arthritis is gone, I can easily lift my hand over my head. Acupuncture therapy is so amazing! Dr. Fu is such a great professional! I really appreciate his help.

Case 24: Atopic dermatitis (1-5-2011)
My family doctor told me that the flecks on my right shoulder and right thigh was atopic dermatitis, and current western medicine could not cure this disease. The flecks would be there forever. I was just a fourteen-year-old girl! I did not want to live with the ugly spots! My mom was more anxious, and she tried so hard to find the treatment. Eight months ago, we visited Dr. Fu. After checking my skin, he gave me a bottle of special Chinese capsules. I took it for a month, and I was so happy to see the color of the spots became lighter. After total three months, the flecks reduced one fifth. I kept taking the medicine for five month, and there was no way to find the flecks! They were all gone! In order to maintain the result, I took the capsules for two more months. One year has passed, my skin is so healthy and natural. I am so excited because I can wear my favorite dresses!

Case 25: Sequela of a Stroke (2/21/2008)
I had a sudden Cerebral Thrombosis stroke three months ago. I had sequela of a stroke. For example, I couldn’t open my left eye, lift my right upper arm, or clench my right fist. I could not even communicate normally. I felt heartbroken and anxious that I cried a lot at nights. The physiotherapy provided in the hospital could not help me. My friend referred me to Dr. Fu’s clinic. He gave me a careful and professional body check, then he gave me an acupuncture therapy. I felt an energy flowing into my body after Dr. Fu had stimulated the needles into the numb parts of my body on this first acupuncture therapy visit. I was able to move my left eye, right arm, right hand, and mouth again. I felt more energetic after twenty-two visits of therapy at Dr. Fu’s clinic. I was very happy with the result. All parts of my body were in function normally. I could see, lift my arms and clench my fists. the most importantly, I can talk and eat normally. There was no sign of sequela of a stroke after many years. Acupuncture therapy really works! Thank you very much, Dr. Fu!

Case 26: Sequela of fracture
Five months ago, my right little finger was broken by the bite of a dog. Although the bone was set and finally healed, the shape of my little finger was weird, and I could not move it. That was so annoying. Three month ago, I found Dr. Fu and had acupuncture therapy five times. After that, I could clearly feel the movement of my little finger. I totally had 12 therapies before healing my little finger. Now, I can move it as much as I want.

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