Story 9 Prostate Hypertrophy & Impotence (12-25-2007)
I would like to take this time to thank Dr. Fu and share with other patients my experience of acupuncture treatment. I was suffering prostate hypertrophy for twelve years. At the very beginning, I had difficulty to urinate. In the past five years, I needed to use my hands to pressure the underbelly to access urinate but it was very slowly. In the last two years, the symptom became more serious; I had to use both hands to continually give pressure to the underbelly to complete urination. I felt so scared and painful; however, my problems were never solved no matter how often I went to see the doctors. I was so fortunate to be referred by my friend to Dr. Xing Fu. I went to Dr. Xing Fu’s Acupuncture Center on August 1st, 2007. After Dr. Fu’s patient, responsible diagnosis and treatment, my situation was getting better. After three times acupuncture, I could urinate naturally, and after the sixth times of acupuncture treatment, I didn’t have to press my underbelly to urinate any more. I had been treated for three months, I could urinate regularly and the symptom of prostate hypertrophy was completely gone. At the same time, my impotence problem was also treated and I finally have active sexual life. My wife and I want to thank you for your excellent treatment. We greatly appreciate the compassion that you have shown in your work. I wish you and your clinic the best of luck.
Marciano Meneses

Story 10 Parkinson’s disease (04-18-1996)
When the patient came in at the first time, she walked very slowly, couldn’t express herself exactly, she needed much helping daily life. After she was treated by Dr. Xing Fu, she improved a lot. She can walk normal, speak clearly, and take care of herself. She still keeps treatment regularly with Dr. Xing Fu.

Story 11 Sterility problem (01-03-2005)
The lady was 38 years old. She couldn’t get pregnant after she got married. She tried many doctors to solve her problem but it couldn’t be solved no matter how many times she changed her doctors. Finally, her husband suggested her to Dr. Xing Fu and she decided to try him. She came in to see Dr. Fu to receive regular acupuncture treatments and take herbal medicine regularly. After a short time, she was pregnant and gave birth to the little lovely healthy baby boy in November.

Story 12 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (02-08-2006)
I was diagnosed “Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome: in 2002. I was taking for a long period of treatment by medical doctor, but there wasn’t much improvement. I suffered “PCOS”, and it brought much difficulty to my life. Fortunately, I was referred to you by Robert Crown on 5/5/04. You combined your acupuncture, special Qi-Gong and Chinese herbal medicine treatment. After continuously taking your herbal medicine for 14 months, I went back for blood test on 8/8/05. To my surprise, my doctor told me that my blood test is normal, and my body is recovered. Right now, my period cycle is normal. I don’t experience pain anymore. I feel my body is getting stronger. I am really appreciated your special treatment and attentive care that help me through difficult time. My life is back to normal. Many thanks to everything you have done for me.
Sincerely, Denielle Danzauso

Story 13 Nerve on movement was injured (04-06-1995)
Can you image that a cute baby boy couldn’t move before, he had to be restricted on bed everyday, and he could live only 2-3 years more. It was diagnosed by an authoritative medical doctor of Stamford University in 1993. Healing of it, his parents felt so sad, and then they brought him to Dr. Xing Fu’s Healing Center for the last try. They hope Dr. Fu could cure him. After the treatments by Dr. Xing Fu, the baby boy felt much better, his never system had been improved greatly. He is not only alive, but also can go to school and do a lot of activities. The baby changed totally, his family feels so happy and relaxed, and they can hardly believe that Dr. Xing Fu really saved their child. But it is true.

Story 14 Lupus erythematosus (01-07-1997)
The medical and acupuncture treatments that I have received from you have improved both my energy level and physical stamina. I have had a difficult time with my health for many years as I have a systemic autoimmune disease. Medical practitioners have told me that my case is very complex and they have disagreed on how to approach my treatment. Your medical expertise, special acupuncture and Qi energy and your ability to create an individualized treatment program has made a difference in my overall daily functioning. I am very grateful for your attentive care and kindness in helping me as well as my family. Many thanks for all that you have done for us.
Sincerely, Elyse Gottlieb

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