Story 3 Youth Smallpox (03-10-1997)
Patient's youth smallpox has affected his life a lot and he lost his confidence. After received treatments from Doctor Fu's for two months, the endocrine was improved, the youth smallpox has already been cured and he is confident with anything now.

Story 4 Prominent intervertebral disc, lumbago, and leg pain (03-26-1999)
I am writing this letter to thank you for helping and healing me for my slipped disc. I had injured my back in November last year and was unable to move without excruciating pain, pain like I have never experienced before. I truly believe that your non-invasive treatments helped me heal quicker and without side effects of medication. I recall, vividly, calling orthopedic doctor and he advised me to take ibuprofen and stay in bed. I was paralyzed with intense pain to the point that I could not get out of bed for over two hours. You came to our home to help me that day and within two weeks of daily treatments; I was able to walk, slowly. I was able to return to work within three weeks on a part time basis and able to resume my regular schedule after 6 weeks. I was able to resume regular activities within three months and as I write this letter today, one could not tell I had a slipped disk. My family and I think you very much for your help.
Wayland L. Lew

Story 5 Neck bone fracture, Neck pain (06-25-2004)
I am writing this letter to thank you for helping and healing my injured neck. My neck was injured in a car accident in February this year. It had an extreme pain and made me very hard to sleep and work. An X-ray was taken and the finding was “left-side neural foraminal narrowing noted at Cervical 3 and 4”. After three months of steady treatments from Dr. Fu. My neck was healed as if was never injured before. Thank you very much again for your attentive care and kindness in helping me.
Sincerely Yongxin Luo

Story 6 Sciatica (08-26-1996)
Patient had serious acute sciatica. After he received treatments from Dr. Fu for about twenty times office visits for two months, he was able to walk without a cane. The pain at the buttocks, the waist also vanished.

Story 7 Neck, shoulder, and wrist pain (08-16-2000)
I am engineering. Three years ago, I was working on the computer for 12 hours without stopping. The following day, my neck pain started. A month later, my neck pain affect my right shoulder pain and right wrist pain. I was sent to the physical therapy for many times, at the end of that, I had minimal relief. Neck pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain affected my work and live. I had the good fortune to find Dr. Fu through the yellow page. After the first time of acupuncture, I had more relief than ever before in all the prior therapies combined. After 9 acupuncture therapies, my neck pain, right shoulder pain and my right wrist pain vanished. Thank you so much for your outstanding health care professional.

Story 8 Stroke sequela (06-21-1995)
I am so excited because I could walk and raise my right arm again. I couldn’t walk and raise my left arm three month ago during to the stroke. I went into Dr. Xing Fu’s office by referring from my sister at the first time. I couldn’t walk without a cane, and couldn’t move my arm at that time. I had a lot of inconvenience in daily life. After 32 office visits of treatments from Dr. Xing Fu, my movement goes back to normal. Thank you so much to Dr. Xing Fu.
Mrs. Kuang

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