Case 57: Tinnitus(11-9-2001)
Five years ago, after the birth of my child, I occasionally heard there was a sound inside my ears. Two years ago, my tinnitus suddenly became worst and greatly affected my life. The result of my ear check was surprised. There was nothing wrong with my ear, but I still heard sounds! My sister recommended me to visit Dr. Fu. After checking, he used needles to stick on my head and ears. After approximately six therapies, my tinnitus reduced. Later on, I took the medicine he gave for two months, and the tinnitus was all gone! However, I was afraid of it, so I still took medicine until two months later. Two years has passed, and there is nothing wrong with my ears. I can hear more clearly now. I should thank Dr. Fu for his help.

Case 58: Liver disease (1-18-2006)
Fifteen years ago, I suffered hepatitis B. After the acute sage, I was almost recovered. However, there was pain from my liver sometimes. Also, I did not have a good appetites. In the past five years, I felt tired when I worked too much, and my liver swelled along with a plump midsection. The sick feeling was like everything I ate stayed in the stomach. The Vitamin could not help at all. I finally saw Dr. Fu. He required me to have six acupuncture therapies and three-month Chinese herbs. Actually, after the first therapy, I had more energy at once, and the sick feeling was almost gone. Three months later, I was recovered completely. When I had a body check, the result was a good news. My liver was very health. I went to hospital for checking in these two years, and everything was alright.

Case 59: Quit Smoking (1-16-2005)
I had a history of smoking for 20 years. I smoked one package (20 branch) every day. Three years ago, I had coughed for 2 months. In the western medicine doctor’s checking, I had a lighter emphysema. The doctor wanted me to quit smoking. I found Dr. Fu who cure the patient with the way of acupuncture. After using acupuncture for eight times , my smoking reduced to half of the previous quality, then he continue to use the 15 times acupuncture. After that, I only smoke 1-2 branch a day and my breath is come through completely. I really appreciate Dr. Fu and his excellent way of using acupuncture.

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