Infertility (6-8-2012)
I am 43 years old this year. I have been married for 12 years, but never get pregnant. Western doctor diagnose that the reason of infertility is the problem of Oviduct. I really desire for an own child. I looking for famous doctor everywhere, but useless. Later, my friend introduce Dr. Fu to me and I go to see him. Dr. Fu considered my medical history seriously. He suggested me doing Acupuncture treatment and taking Chinese medicine. After about 2 months of Acupuncture treatment and Chinese medicine treatment, my treatment was change to Chinese medicine treatment for 4 months. At last, I got pregnant and later gave birth to a plump baby boy.

Infertility (8-2-2010)
I am 42 years old. After 15 years of marriage, I still cannot get pregnant. Western doctor diagnose my uterine is abnormal because of uterine fibroids. I kept doing medical treatment, but it cannot solve the problem. When I was in despair, my friend introduced Dr. Fu to me. I have a thought of trying so I go to see him. He seriously asked my medical history, checked my pulse, saw my tongue, and then let me take Traditional Chinese medicine. Approximately after 5 months Chinese medicine treatment, my uterine fibroids was eliminated. The most valuable thing is that after I keep taking Chinese medicine for 2 months, I get pregnant. Finally, I gave birth to a lovely and healthy baby girl.

Diabetes (3-21-2005)
Fifteen years ago I found my blood sugar level was increased. I felt my head was dizziness, and my skin was itchy. I felt I am weakness. Western doctor diagnose my body and stated I had Type 2 diabetes. I kept doing medical treatment, but 7 years ago, my blood sugar level was abnormal. My blood sugar was not stable, too high or too low, sometimes it was really high. My husband introduced Dr. Fu to me. He carefully listened to my words, and he seriously analyzed my medical history. Then I began to take Traditional Chinese medicine. After about three months, my blood sugar level was normal. I no longer felt dizziness and weakness, and my skin stopped itchy. I kept taking Traditional Chinese medicine for 12 months, my blood sugar level was totally normal. In the last 5 years’ blood sugar test, my blood sugar is normal. Thanks to the powerful medical skill of Dr. Fu.

Diabetes (11-6-2002)
I had diabetes since 1986. I took Western medicine every day, but in 10 years ago, my blood sugar level was increased a lot. My Western doctor gave me injections to control the blood sugar level. I was really worrying the side effect of injections. My friend introduced Dr. Fu to me. With Dr. Fu, I took Traditional Chinese medicine for 6 months. My blood sugar level was recovered to normal level, and I didn't feel dry mouth and weakness anymore. In order to cure the diabetes completely, I maintained taking Traditional Chinese medicine for 12 months. In the last 8 years, my blood sugar tests shows my blood sugar is normal. Thank you Dr. Fu.

Story 1 Serious Eczema Manifest (02-20-1999)
Since four years, I am having a skin problem which distracting my working and private live. Many different specialists couldn’t solve this problem. One day my hands were swollen and the feet completely scratched open that I hardly was able to walk. A friend of mine Shirley recommended me to try acupunctured and herbs to Dr. Fu. From day one I could see how my skin become better and better. Usually a nervous person I became calm inside. The treatment showed me how energy flows through my body. After three months of steady treatment I am healed and my life is worth living again. Thank you Dr. Fu.
Daniel Hader

Story 2 Eczema – skin Problem (10-05-2000)
I had the eczema on my back for two years which was watering and extremely itching. I was worried about that because it affected my work and my private lives so much. I was so frustrated at that time; however I was luck enough that I was referred to Dr. Fu by my friend. After having 6 times of acupuncture and 21 days Chinese herbs combined, the eczema was healed miraculously. After received regular treatments thirty – five office visits from Dr. Xing Fu for about three months, the condition was totally gone.

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